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Your posts can have many words. Lets see how many I can type now. It’s a challenge of the highest magnitude and I’m impressing myself just how long I can type and say absolutely nothing!

Wow, it’s still going… and I’m not really saying much of anything.

That’s pretty impressive and sometimes I have to do this to fill airtime too. Have you ever seen me do that when it’s time to ask a question, but it takes way too long of a delay during the live training? It’s annoying and I wish it was instantaneous.

Oh well, that’s just what we get with what we have. And now I’ve ruined everything because I actually said something. Oh, well!

Let’s see what else I can say. How about Mary had a little lamb. A little lamb. Mary had a little lamb it’s amazing website was white as snow.

More, we need more!

But captain, I’m giving ‘er all she’s got! If I keep pushing the engines like this we’re bound to have a warp plasma overload!

I don’t care Scotty! Just get it done!

Aye Aye, Sir!

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